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Re: [MOL] Nanc Back Home!

Hi Tracy,
And Hi to every one of you.  It's good to be back home again, where it's not
so hot.  My Mother and Don were very happy to see me and my two Yorkies
greeted me just like I had been gone a week too.  It's so nice to be needed
and loved.
We had a nonstop trip out there with Daughter and I taking turns driving.  I
went with intentions of relaxing and regrouping and coming back here ready to
fight this Cancer with Don and hoping not to get so stressed out again.  My
Daughter wanted to do some sight seeing, but it was to hot, we did do a little
shopping, and I found some craft stuff that I could work on in the Hotel, it
was so ungodly hot out there.  I did get to meet on of out dear MOL's that
lives in the same town where our Hotel was, Sheila and John Lloyd.  She came
to the Hotel once and we went to her house once, we had a good time talking, I
talked to her husband once on the phone and meet her 2 year old little cute
blonde girl.  My Daughter took some pictures of us with our MOL shirts on, so
when I get them I'll scan them to Ross for the MOL album for all of you to
see.  My Daughter had her fella go out there to Firrier School (Trimming and
shoeing Horse's Hoof's).  She has 15 Horses right now, they thought it would
save them money in the long run.  We need more Firrers in this area too, they
can earn $1.00 per minute.  Which isn't bad money.  Dr. Gil Lederman's office
called me while I was gone, I'll try and get ahold of them again tomorrow.
I'm going to try and read a few more letters and go back to bed for the night,
I did take a nap but I'm still tired.  Don's Birthday was today, so before I
left I asked one of his step sons to cook spaghetti, and his stepdaughter to
bring a birthday cake, and plan to eat at two o'clock, so we had a birthday
party today too, we had them and two of my daughters and their familles over
too.  He was 73 years young today, he enjoyed his party.  Talk to you
tomorrow.  OH!  I got your hugs from you thru Sheila, thank you, those MOL
hugs, sure felt good.  Talk to you tomorrow, sure glad Sheila was out there,
she kept me informed about all of you so I didn't have to miss you so bad.  It
sure is good to be back home.  Sheila, thank you for coffee and conversation.
Hope you are able to get back to taking care of your life now.  Love you all.
Love and prayers to you and yours,

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<< Nanc,
 Was just looking at the lovely picture of you and Don in the photo album. 
 Glad you are back - - we've missed your posts!   Hope you had a nice trip. 
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