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[MOL] thank you

Dear Lil,

Thank you for that sound advice and information.

God Bless


lillian jennings wrote:


> Low Dose for Melanoma


> The same drug that was recently shown to

> improve survival rates in skin cancer

> patients now appears to work in smaller

> doses -- and with fewer side effects.

> French researchers at the Hospital Ste.

> Marguerite in Marseilles treated half of

> their 500 melanoma patients with low doses

> of interferon. Three years after the start

> of the study, those patients who had

> received the drug had lower rates of tumor

> recurrence than those who had not. (Source:

> The Lancet)


> The number of new cases of skin cancer rises

> each year. To lower your risk of melanoma,

> avoid overexposure to the sun.

> --

> MZ


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