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[MOL] YOu are Special

Dear LIl,

YIkes, yikes, that was so funny. Shades of Nixon and Willy. LOl.

God Bless


lillian jennings wrote:


> A pair of honeymooners checked into the Watergate Hotel in Washington,

> D.C. That night, as the husband was about to turn off the light, his

> bride asked, "Do you think this room is bugged?"

> "That was a long time ago, sweetheart," he reassured her.

> "But what if there's a microphone somewhere? I'd be so embarrassed."

> So the groom searched under tables and behind pictures. Then he turned

> back the rug. Sure enough, there was a funny-looking gismo in the

> floor. He took out the screws, got rid of the hardware, and climbed

> into bed.

> The next morning the newlyweds were awakened by a hotel clerk who

> wanted to know if they had slept well. "We did," replied the groom.

> "Why do you ask?"

> "It's rather unusual," the clerk answered. "Last night the couple in

> the room below yours had a chandelier fall on them."
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