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[MOL] This joke is George

An Irish man went to his first American baseball game. As the first
>batter made a hit, fans jumped up yelling, "RUN! RUN!"
>The Irish man jumped up as well yelling, "Run, laddie! Run laddie!"
>The next batter got up and made his hit. The fans again cheered,
>"RUN! RUN!"
>The Irish man jumped up yelling "Run laddie! Run laddie!"
>The third batter got up got ball 1...ball 2...ball 3...ball 4.....
>The umpire yelled "Take your base!"
>The batter jogged to the base.
>The Irish man jumped up an yelled "Run laddie! Run laddie!"
>Another fan looked at him and said, "He does not need to run, he has
>4 balls!"
>The Irish man's jaw dropped, and turned and said, "Walk with pride,
>lad!  Walk with pride laddie!"

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