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You right. It is very ironic.  In my case, my father has been smoking for over
40 years. Diagnosed with asbestosis over 9 years ago.  He still smokes.  Here
I am 35 yrs. old and what is wrong with the picture here?   If I had to do it
over again, I would never have picked up a cigarette.  Although, be aware that
my particular type of lung cancer is the #1 cancer killer of women(surpassing
breast cancer) and people who never smoked.  I believe I would still have
cancer, but that it may not have come on till much later in my life.  Carla,
if you read this maybe you could provide some more details here.

In my case, they seem to think there were other factors that came into play
along with the smoking.  As mentioned my father was bringing asbestis home
with him everyday for the 18 years I lived at home.  In addition, there are
genetic factors to consider as well.   They already suggested that my brother
be tested through sputum..etc.  he does not smoke.  But the risk is there.
Also, there are several others on this forum who never smoked and have the
same type of lung cancer as myself.  I think whichever end you are on, it is
not good.  

But yes, I will find every opportunity to suggest to young people they should
not take that gamble..............Take care. Donna
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