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[MOL] Small Cell Lung Cancer - How's Jim?

I haven't been online for several weeks while my husband, Bob, has had
radiation and chemo treatments.  Only one week left of the radiation, out
of six, and three more chemo treatments.  He is weak, sad, mad, and won't
accept much help at all.  He just fell in the bathroom and hurt his knee
but wouldn't let me help him.

What an independent cuss!!!!!  I guess I should be grateful that he is an
independent cuss - it's what gives him the stubborn streak to keep going.

The good news is that the radiation has shrunk his tumor - we'll know more
is a couple of weeks.  Every little bit of good news is worth raving about
- there is enough bad news to go around, and then some!

How are you and Jim? - been thinking and praying about and for you two!
Hope he has had good results from the new bout.   Let
me hear from you.   Love you guys, I'll only be on line for a day - they
back to Flagstaff for more treatments.

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