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Hey Lillian, I think I can make even easier for you.  Mysister and I get into
Charleston about 9 or 9:30 Sunday morning and we were already planning on
driving to HIlton Head.  She has a friend who lives there and she wanted to
hit the outlet stores there as well.  Maybe we can just meet in Hilton Head.
It souonds like that would be much easier for you.  I have never been to
Hilton Head so I don't know any places to meet.  Give me some suggestions.  We
are just spending the day there.  As my dr's appointment is at 8 Monday
morning but I don't imagine we will be in a rush or anything.  Maybe we can do
lunch or something.  I don't know my sister's friend so this will be a great
chance for us to meet.  Let me know what you think as you know the area/  I
certainly don't want toput you out.  This is so kind of you.

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