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Yesm I am going to Charleston SC.  I live in WEst Palm Beach Fl.  Thursday I
am flying to CIncinnatti to visit my sister for a couple of days then Sunday
she is flying with me to Charleston.  I see Dr. Peter Cotton (yes, that is his
real name.  He is from England) on Monday, the 10th of August for a
consultation and I have to have an MRCP of the pancreas, liver and biliary
system.  On Tuesday, August 11, I am having outpatient surgery where they they
will dialate the common bile duct.  Hopefully it will be uneventful but there
is always a chance that they can't dialate the duct or that it could rip
during surgery.  They always tell me to plan to spent the night in the
hospital but only once have I had to.  I fly home Wednesday night Agust 12.  I
don't know where Beauford is but Iwould love to meet you if possible.  I
should have some time on Monday afternoon and Wednesday afternoon.  Keep in
touch.  I don't know the area very well.  Thank you for your interest.  Have a
pleasant weekend
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