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Re: [MOL] Introduction 0 albeit a bit longer than I intended

Dear Suzanne,

There are specialists in cancer of unknown origin who try their best to pin
the cancer down.  One is Dr. Abruzzie  (SP?)  at M.D. Anderson Cancer
Center in Houston Texas.  I am sure sloan-kettering, Mayo, Johns Hopkins
etc have similar people.  If traveling is an issue for you, try the
Corporate Angel Network.  They hook up cancer patients with corporate jets.
  I've taken two trips with them and it saved us a good bit of money.   If
you need the number for CAN, let me know.  I don't have it with me today,
but can get it for you.

Hang in there.   I am a 33 year old non-smoker who had  NSCLC
(bronchoaveolar adenocarcinoma)  that I believe is now gone.  (Chemo,
radiation, surgery on 5/29/98).  I am fighting against reocurrence and that
is why I am on MOL.  The reocurrence stats are high, so I am doing all I
can to swing them in my favor.   At first, my cancer was of unknown origin.
 This isn't surprising for what it turned out to be, as this cancer can
typically presents like pneumonia.  The Drs at MD Anderson diagnosed me
with bronchoaveolar adencarcinoma (cancer of the bronchial airsacs) fairly
quickly.  I was not happy with their treatment protocol or with some of the
things that happened there.  (If you would go there, I would like to talk
to you about how to get the most out of your trip, first).  But I was
thankful for the diagnosis which was agreed with by University of Michigan
and Indiana University.  

Am also struggling with nutrition.  Nixon's book "The cancer recovery
eating plan" has helped with this.  

Lots of "must reads" out there.  For a change, you might try listening to
some of the books.  Bernie Seigel's books are available on tape (try your
library) as is LeShan's "How to Meditiate".  

Ignore the statistics.  I don't let anyone tell me what they don't know - -
how long I'm going to be on this planet.  Me, I am making plans for my
100th birthday.  

Take care, we love you and want you to get well so stay with us and keep us

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