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Re: [MOL] Lots of news today...!! and the 3 couples joke!

Dear Carla
I'm so sorry you have been having this difficulty. I didn't answer many
posts for a few days because of lack of energy so I failed to pick up on
what you were going through. Unexplained swelling and stress attacks sound

When this whole thing happened I found I had trouble sleeping through the
night. I would be up and down several times and that left me exhausted. I
told my regular doctor what was happening and he said he thought it was
time for a little "chemical intervention".  Tyloninol (sp) wasn't cutting
it. Anyway he prescribed Xanax. The directions say take one tablet twice
daily for panic attacks. It is rather expensive ($51 for about 50 tablets)
and I don't take it all the time, but if I can't sleep I take one and it
really helps. I understand is does something to the brain chemistry that
allows you to relax. It doesn't leave you with that hungover feeling that
sleeping pills do. If you think this applies you might check with your

Liz P. Of Yakima

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