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Re: [MOL] Introduction 0 albeit a bit longer than I intended

Dear Suzanne,
I am also 51 and a smoker.  I developed a cough in Jan., 98, was 
treated with two rounds of antibiotics, but the cough returned each
At that point, I decided to let it go (Late Feb or early Mar) until the 
end of the school year.  I teach and I was taking a class. I was so 
inundated with work, I knew I couldn't pursue it until June.  
The day school was out,I went to my doctor.  The day after that I had a 
chest xray which showed multiple abnormalities in the right lung
and along side the trachea!  After that the roller coaster began.  

I had no idea how difficult it can be to diagnose a lung problem. I
5 wks being tested and retested yet remained undiagnosed. Finally, I
went to Philadelphia and was diagnosed within a week.  I was diagnosed
on July 22, 1998
with small cell carcinoma of the lung (right) with mediastinal

I was very disappointed, to say the least, about the prognosis I was
given. I do not have the time to research all the literature as I must
start treatment ASAP. I
have tried my best within this short time, however, and I can only come
up with standard treatment options.  I have been to Johns Hopkins
and was also offered basically a standard treatment, so I am
assuming that there is nothing out there or Johns Hopkins, one
of the foremost cancer centers in the US, would know about it.
Am I correct in this assumption?  

Also, I am struggling continuously with my cigarette addiction.
I can not believe that I still want to smoke, but I do.  Have you
quit smoking and if so, do you have any tips?

I am slated to begin chemo next week (cisplatin and etoposide) and
radiation treatments. I think I fear the chemo and radiation more than
at this point.  But, like you, I don't want to leave just
yet and I know that I must go through this and give it my best shot. 

It sounds like you are handling the chemo well.   I am glad this is the
case. I like your visualization techniques and will try to do the same.

Like you I am trying to live a healthier lifestyle. I am eating better,
trying to sleep better, and have gone for full body massages to
relieve the stress.  I started on vitamins, too.

I will not be returning to work in September and will probably find
myself retired from my life, too. However, changes needed to be made.
I had myself in such a rat race, that I was totally overwhelmed.

I have one cat, Barney, who is always by my side. I worry about what
is going to happen to him, if I have complications.  He was a stray
who obviously was mistreated.  It would be hard to find someone
to take him, because he has a bad temperment at times.  I have no
problem with him, but I think most people would.

Well, I hope all continues to go well for you. Take care.

Hope your day at the beach was great.

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