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What a nice letter.  thank you.  Yes, i could indeed write a book. I am off
for the summer.  i usually work all summer but this summer, I got sick as
well.  Not with cancer but someting equally as serious.  I have and have had
for for several years schlerosing cholangitis which is a very serious disease
of the liver.  It is one of thoses diseases that often requires a liver
transplant.  I usally do very well with it but this summer it has flared up
again.  I am off this Thursday to see a special dr that has kept me alive.  He
is Charleston SC at the medical university.  He was at Duke until he
transfered a couple of years ago to Charleston.  He has to dialate my common
bile duct every couple of years.  This procedure has worked very well for me
in the past.  This will be the fourth time I will have had it done.  You can't
do this forever but as long as they can it keeps me off the transplant list.
I am also a brittle diabetic and when my liver flares up my sugar goes nuts.
So this summer my doctors wouldn't let me work.  I am fine until my liver
flares up then I have horrible attacks.  This is not a pity story just an
explanation.  I am a very active woman with los of interests mainly in the
water, diving etc that keeps me very busy.  I love the kids I work with  and
goodness we all know academics is not for everyone but everyone must learnt to
survive in this world, not only in matha nd communication skills but socially
and emontionally as well.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend.  Thank you again for your sweet letter.

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