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Re: [MOL] Introduction 0 albeit a bit longer than I intended

Hello Suzanne,

We are neighbors! I live in Sykesville, MD.  I was diagnosed on July 13, 1998
with adenocarcinoma, non small cell lung cancer.  Upper right lung.  I had all
the symptoms you did.  I first went to the doctors on June 23.  They did x-
rays, and Ct scan which turned up a 4.8 cmx4.0 mass. Right now they cannot
surgically remove it due to the location.  I am 35 years old.  I started
smoking when I was 18. I have three children (3,8 and 13 (as of tomorrow)).  I
can't believe I'll have a teenager.

At this point they have not staged my cancer.  They have been telling me stage
II or  
III.  I know what you mean about remaining positive when everything else is so
scary.  But I always keep in mind that only God knows for sure when my time is
up not the doctors.  I like to think in 18 years I will be sharing my success
story with other cancer patients.  It can and will be done.  I believe God has
sent me on a mission.  And I will not let him down.  Don't get me wrong. There
have been many days when I have felt cheated. The, Why is this happening to
me? syndrome.  I try my best not to go there.  There are mysteries in life
that are better left unknown.  

I am due to start chemo next week.  I plan on getting radiation treatment at
Staten Island University Hospital.  They have a very effective radiation
treatment of  tumors.  Over 90% success rate.  I will get chemo in Baltimore.
Harborview Cancer Center.  

If there is anything I can do, please let me know since we live so close.  

Take care,

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