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[MOL] Lots of news today...!! and the 3 couples joke!

I am going to try and do this in one post...  Wow.. it just seems that I can't ever get caught up anymore and I need to break my habit of staying up until 2 or later...   the problem is that I don't seem to get on the computer until late for the most part..
First of all, thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers...  I made it through the day without a stress attack.. The venus doppler test on my leg showed no blood clots.. so I don't know why I am swelling, but it isn't for that reason!!  Whew!!  The chest ex-rays, they don't ever share anything on and so I will get the results on Monday when I meet with my oncologist..
Speaking of news!!  Donna, I am so happy for you!!!  I guess your feet aren't touching the floor yet..?? are they??!!  Take this time and build up that positive determination and I can do anything strength... It will benefit you on those days when you might not be dancing on the clouds!!  LOL!!
Lots of good information posted today and my thanks to Marty, Joicy, Lil and John....  I am rereading the Cancer Conqueror and I believe that I am finally getting it my friends!! 
Sheila.. my dear, take time to make time for yourself and allow yourself to be what and who you need to be each day..  I fear that you are pushing yourself and trying to direct what you think your life "should" be right now without your dad...  Take a deep breath and release, deep breath and release...now tell yourself that you are loved..just exactly as you are, unconditionally....breath in...breath out.....  feel the love that surrounds you with warmth and comfort....  Your day is to be exactly as it is and when it is time for you to do something different... you will know....  Right now, just allow the day to be and be open to what it has to show you...
Jean... your envelop arrived and I will be sending it on to Marty...  How wonderful you all are!!  :-)
Okay.. now the part of my message you all are waiting for:  the 3 couples joke!!!
Three couples were on their way to a party in a minivan one
winter evening, and as they were rounding the turn the driver
lost control of the vehicle, which ran off the road and down a
hillside, bursting into flame and killing everyone inside.

Very shortly thereafter, the three couples appeared before St.

Peter pointed an accusing finger at one of the men and said,
"YOU?  All YOU ever thought about in life was drinking!  You
drank every morning, every evening, on the weekends, at
lunch...you even married a girl named Sherry!"

He pointed at the second man and said, "And YOU!  You thought of
nothing but money!  Everything in your life had to do with greed,
money, making money, keeping money, making more money...you even married a girl named Penny!"

The third man took his wife's hand and began walking away.  "Come on, Fanny, I don't want to wait around to hear what he has to say to us."
Goodnight my friends and God Bless you all...  What a priviledge it is to be a part of this group!!  Love you!  Carla