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Re: [MOL] brother's cough-Lillian


I thought I would add another comment.  For whatever it is worth.  I have
adenocarcinoma/right lung.  I began noticing that I would develop a cough
whenever I was under stress.  When they told me they could not operate at this
time I left the drs. office and immediately began coughing.  Almost choking
until I calmed down.  I saw a pattern and inquired and sure enough some others
have said the same thing.  Today, I had some tests and during those tests I
began to cough.  I was nervous.  I had not coughed in at least a week.  

If  your brother's cough is stress related, he may want to try breathing
techniques, etc.... to remain calm.  I realize being stress free is
impossible.  However, it is possible to work with the stress and go with it,
feel it, etc... and in the end you remain calm.  It has worked for me.

Your friend,

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