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Re: [MOL] Cancer genetics program

Go to:
This lists the cities and stations.   Also, check the home pagee,
because you can also get the broadcast over the web through this group,
which has a weekly program for cancerers: wrote:
> Thank you for the info and we'll be looking forward to listening in...  Do you know what radio station to dial into?  I guess I could find it...  Liz

> The weekly program airs live each Sunday from 4-6 pm EDT (1-3
> pm PDT), in major markets including New York, Los Angeles, Washington,
> D.C., Dallas, Houston, and Toronto.  During the broadcast, the
> show can also be heard live on the Internet with a 28.8 bps modem
> and real audio at
> Calls during the show can be made by dialing (800)GRP-ROOM; at other times, callers can receive support from Vital Options' professionals by calling (818) 508-5657.
> The full article can be found at:
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