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[MOL] Christine

Hi Christine,
I am getting better but I have had to concede the superwoman title to those
who can carry it.

Arm exercises are a pain. I am trying to keep my arm moving in all
directions but yesterday I was so tired I just kind of sat all day. Today
my arm hurts more than it did when I worked.

What seems to make me feel better than anything is to go out and pull a few
weeds or dead head my flowers. I love my yard and garden and I never get to
spend enough time on them. Today I spent maybe 30 minutes deadheading spent
blooms and I really enjoyed it. That way I exercise my arm and get some
things done that need to be done.

It also helps that today it is 75 degrees instead of 105.

Take care of yourself.


>Glad to hear that you are feeling better. MOL certainly is a source of
>inspiration and gives you a sense of perspective. It is also true that
>laughter is good medicine. Another great thing to take your mind off your
>own problems is to help someone else with theirs, as you are helping Jane.
>I have no doubt you will be a great source of comfort to her. You will
>return to normal, it is just a matter of time. If you feel tired, rest. You
>will probably get better more quickly if you don't try to overdue things.
>Read a good book, sort out your photo albums, do something you don't
>normally have the time for.  Are you doing your arm exercises? Do you feel
>comfortable about the radiation treatments? Know that we are all here for you.

Liz P. Of Yakima

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