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Re: [MOL] New member intro and question

Dear Sandi,

I wish to add a warm welcome to our group.  You might want to try the 
American Cancer Society in your community...there telephone number can be 
gotten from your local directory...they usually have a chapter in every 
major city.  They can provide you with some volunteer help in getting 
your husband to and from appointments.  That would at least give you some 
relief in what seems to be a very busy schedule.  They will, in addition, 
mail you a lot of information on the subject of cancer that will be 
helpful.  Don't get overwelmed by all of this...try to take things one 
day at a time (which it seems you are already doing :-)

God Bless you and I'll be keeping you both in my prayers.
John (a one year cancer of the few things in life I've 
managed to do well / that and father four wonderful girls)

lillian jennings wrote:
> Dear Sandi:  Welcome and further down you will find sites that will help you get
> the inforamtion you need.  Yes, I have heard before of people getting weepy eyed
> during Checmo.  Is your husband a vet?  If so you could call the local veterns
> office and arrange for transportation for him, this would make it a bit easier
> for you.  I think they would let you ride along if you wanted too.
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