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Re: [MOL] Good News

Dear Donna,

I am so happy for you...just to know that the cancer has not spread is a 
victory!  Yes, God does work in strange and mysterious ways.  Good luck 
with the trip into New York...any chance you will be in the area for our 
gathering in a month and a half???...just something to think about!  If 
there is anything I can do please let me know.  My # is 914-962-0675 at 
home and 914-789-7105 at work.  I lived most of my life in NYC...don't 
know Staten Island very well at all but...if I can assist in any way, 
please give a call.

God Bless and congradulations on two pieces of good news!
John wrote:
> Hello Everyone,
> Just got back from the brain scan and abdomin and pelvic scan.  They told me
> the only place that nasty old cancer was sitting, is right up there on my
> right lung.  The monkey on my back. LOL!!! Anyway, I was overjoyed.  I never
> thought that something like this could make me so grateful.  Here I am with an
> inoperable lung tumor but I am as happy as a lark.  God works in mysterious
> ways.
> Then, I walked through my door and what do I find on my machine but a message
> from SIUH saying they feel I am a candidate and to call to set up the
> arrangements for my consultation.  Dr. Lederman looked at my meds this morning
> due to a mix up with my info. AMEN!!!!!!! Thank you God, thank you
> God......and my grandfather(God rest his soul).  I am sure he put in a good
> word for me.  New York here I come............
> I'll show that doctor who said 1-2 years.  Anyway folks, no matter how this
> turns out.  I really feel I have become a better person in such a short time.
> And of alot of that has to do with each and everyone of you.  You are great
> people.
> Today I used visualization technique to get rid of the pain in my shoulder.  I
> still have it, but surprisingly I have not taken any motrin today.  Yesterday
> I took 10.   I think I am on to something here.
> Your friend,
> Donna
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