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[MOL] new breast cancer test

Wouldn't this be a step in the right direction? Love, Joicy


UNITED KINGDOM: New diagnostic breast cancer test shows promise
    [07/30/98; Reuters News Service]

LONDON, July 31 (Reuters) - A new technique that can distinguish
between benign and malignant tumours could reduce the number
of biopsies needed to diagnose breast cancer, doctors 
said on Friday. 

A clinical study of the Biofield Diagnostic System, coordinated
by Britain's Imperial Cancer Research Fund, found that if the
device is used at 90 percent sensitivity it could reduce the
number of biopsies by more than half. 

``This test promises to reduce the distress suffered by women
with lesions detected during physical examination, especially
if  they are pre-menopausal,'' Dr Jack Cuzick, head of the ICRF's
Mathematics, Statistics and Epidemiology Laboratory, said in
a statement. 

The full article can be found at:


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