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[MOL] Good News

Hello Everyone,

Just got back from the brain scan and abdomin and pelvic scan.  They told me
the only place that nasty old cancer was sitting, is right up there on my
right lung.  The monkey on my back. LOL!!! Anyway, I was overjoyed.  I never
thought that something like this could make me so grateful.  Here I am with an
inoperable lung tumor but I am as happy as a lark.  God works in mysterious

Then, I walked through my door and what do I find on my machine but a message
from SIUH saying they feel I am a candidate and to call to set up the
arrangements for my consultation.  Dr. Lederman looked at my meds this morning
due to a mix up with my info. AMEN!!!!!!! Thank you God, thank you
God......and my grandfather(God rest his soul).  I am sure he put in a good
word for me.  New York here I come............

I'll show that doctor who said 1-2 years.  Anyway folks, no matter how this
turns out.  I really feel I have become a better person in such a short time.
And of alot of that has to do with each and everyone of you.  You are great

Today I used visualization technique to get rid of the pain in my shoulder.  I
still have it, but surprisingly I have not taken any motrin today.  Yesterday
I took 10.   I think I am on to something here. 

Your friend,

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