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Re: [MOL] Vicci

I have two brothers.  The one who wants to start his own business & may
be bipolar is my younger brother.  We talk to each other pretty
infrequently.  He feels he need to "get his act together" before he
becomes involved in my life.  He would occasionally visit when he was
with his girlfriend, but I'm sure she was the motivating factor.  I don't
see much of him anymore (except for that time he went with me to the
psychologist), but he said he wants to call me once a week to talk.  He
lives in Alexandria, VA, which is probably about 30-40 min. away from
where I live.

My older brother came to my wedding in 1989.  I had sent him an
invitation to which he had never responded.  I was dumbfounded when I
walked back up the aisle with my new husband and saw my older brother!  I
began to cry.  He stayed for a little bit of the reception, too.  Then I
didn't hear from him anymore.   I might have spoken to him once or twice
since then, but he gets very impatient with talk of past family troubles
of anything else that doesn't interest him and he says, "O.K., Jean
Marie, change the subject now," a little too harshly.  Plus, he told me
he'd never come to visit me if I made him smoke outside, and he'd never
attend a party I threw if I didn't serve alcohol.  So I stopped calling
him because his abruptness when he wanted to change the subject was
hurtful.  Anyway, I *am* happy to be communicating again via e-mail,
although I'm still waiting to get my 3rd e-mail message from him, and he
hasn't answered some of the questions I put to him in prior e-mails
(like, does he want to pick up the antique clock Mom gave me to hold for
him, etc.).  By the way, my older brother lives in Deale, MD, on a
houseboat w/his ex-father-in-law maybe about 40 min. to 1 hour away from

This morning, the kids & I ran over to the library to pick up "Simple
Abundance," a book I'd put on hold.  It's the topic of a shoot-off of the
Decluttr list.  Then I mailed a book on the Civil War to my older brother
(it fascinates him) and some self-improvement books & books on
manic-depression to my younger brother.  Now we've had lunch and we have
to run out to K-Mart to look for sandels for Michael.  And, of course, he
wants to look at the Power Ranger toys.  I'm not sure if Shannon will be
up to it, though, because she has a blister on her foot from her Barbie

Well, got to go.  Busy, busy, busy today. :-)

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