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Re: [MOL] Sheila - Feelings

My Dear Sheila,

What you are feeling is the loss of a wonderful presence in your life and 
you are trying to make the necessary adjustment to make up for that loss. 
 All of these feelings are natural and shared by anyone who has lost some 
one close.  Stay with us and do not concern yourself with feeling out of 
step with us.  You are part of this family and we are here to help and 
care for you as you help and care for others who are caregivers to 
someone who they love.  You are in a position to guide others through 
that unknown encounter with cancer and to do so will honor the memory of 
your father.

Sheila, you have a wonderful honesty about you and in the expression of 
your inner feelings.  It is so very refreshing to me and I am sure to 
others who visit our site in search of answers and help.  Stay with us a 
while and see how you feel as time goes on.  Know that you are loved and 
respected here.

God Bless.

John & Sheila Lloyd wrote:
> > Hello Everyone,
> Good Friday morning to you all.  I am not sure where I am at with everything.
> It feels different not taking care of my dad.  I haven't replied to a lot of
> messages, because I haven't known what to say.  I guess I wish I was still
> fighting this disease, or I don't know.  Maybe I don't feel the connection
> anymore because I lost what was in common.  I enjoy reading the jokes, but I
> feel more like I am eavesdropping on ya'lls lives, instead of being a part of.
> It is probably just me.  I guess I am jealous because my dad isn't here anymore,
> and you all either have survived or your loved one is surviving.  Please do not
> get me wrong.  I am happy for you all, and I feel your feelings, it just isn't
> the same.  I don't even know if I am making any sense.
> I had a nice visit with Nancy, gave her your hugs, thoughts and prayers.  She
> sends her thanks, appreciation and love.  She is one neat lady.
> Anyway, I hope you all have a great weekend, and know that my thoughts and
> prayers are with you all.
> Love ya,
> Sheila-----------------------------------------------------------------------
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