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[MOL] New member intro and question

Hi Group,
This is my first post to this group so I hope I don't do anything wrong.
My 48 y/o husband has stage III colo-rectal cancer.  The cancer was found
in a lymph node. He had a colon resection in March and 5 weeks later began
on a Trial III phase of treatment.  The 1st round of chemo (5 FU) via bolus
shots put him in the hospital.  They think he may lack an enzyme to process
the 5 FU and this caused massive inflammation in his body - intense pain
and fever of 104.3. He had a 3-week recovery and had another round of bolus
shots that was decreased 20 % followed by another 3-week recovery.

He then began the 24-hour IV chemo and radiation for 6 weeks at the same
time.  At the 5 week mark he again developed major problems with the 5 FU
and the oncologist stopped everything as he said to continue could be
"lethal". But his radiologist was quite upset as he had had only 25
radiation treatments and said he must do at least 28. He has been unable to
work due to major problems with the intestines - pain, cramping, low grade
fever etc that lasts for many hours at a time. Has anyone else had this and
how long did it last and what did you do about it? I should mention that we
both really like his Dr's and have a good relationship with them.

I am sorry this is getting long, but his radiologist has scheduled him to
complete the radiation next week and he will do that. He then has 4 weeks
off and will again restart the bolus shots for 2 more rounds.
I have noticed that he gets very emotional at times and this seems to come
with the chemo.  I do not work as I have Lupus but am trying to be as
supportive as I possible can. He basically has a great outlook but the
treatment gets to him.

It is also exhausting for him (and me) with 2 Dr appt's weekly at the
hospital, 2 lab appt's and 5 radiology appt's at a different place with a
radiology Dr app't and a chemo refill app't. Whew. When he can work, I
drive him and then in the afternoon I pick him up and off we go to appt's.

Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks for letting me be a part of your group.


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