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[MOL] Ross - busy schedule

Good morning Ross,

Well my dear friend, I am very happy that you got positive news on the 
health front.  Now, attend to the business at hand and focus on meeting 
that deadline.  It is amaizing how deadlines at work are always about a 
month shorter than they should be...guess that's why the are called 
DEADlines!...you are usually close the death by the time the project isz 
completed and if it is not done on time your career is usually DEAD!

Good luck my friend and we can all wait with anticipation for the new 
additions to the photo album...anticipation is 90% of the fun!

God Bless my friend and "onward and upward!".

Ross Ylitalo wrote:
> Dear John,
> I know, I feel like a wet noodle.  I had a all-day appointment with the
> brain-rehab dept. at the hospital on wednesday.  I wanted to rest on
> Tuesday night, because I was expecting a full day of extensive testing,
> and I thought maybe some sleep would help (I'll try anything once.)
> The other problem (excuse?) is that we are one week before deadline
> on a project at work here, and we could use another month or two.
> I'll also be working over the weekend, so I'm trying to package up all
> new entries onto zip drive, and will hopefully be able to get to it sometime
> next week.
> On the plus side, it may be a little like a savings account--and we'll
> save up for a real big kabang!  I'm getting some beautiful photos,
> I have tons of mail, but I've got pictures of Joicy and Mary Ann, Lillian
> and her Husband, and I'll bet, by the time I dig through my mail,
> there'll be lots, lots more!!
> Please be patient!!  I'm really busy right now (maybe I need to fix
> that problem huh?)
> Love,
> Ross
> p.s., the testing at the hospital went great!  I'll give you the full scoop
> when I get the formal report!
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> Dear Ross,
> Visited the photo site today and not a single new entrant!  Not a single
> "Laddddeeees and Gennnnnntlmnnnn" from you today (by the way, I used to
> be a barker at Coney Island during my summer vacation from college ...
> every Firday night we would lock the gates, hop the counter and tangel
> with the local gangs).  Guess we will have to bring back those photo
> boths that used to be in0 the drug stores! LOL
> God Bless.
> John
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