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Good Morning My Dear Friends,

For the next several days, I would like to share some thoughts with you
from either survivors and caregivers I interviewed over the years, or
some that I read in various magazines. The importance of these
"reflections" by these courageous souls is to encourage each of us what
life's meaning is, to seek purpose of living and life, and to challenge
each day with dedication and determination that what we hold to be real
is love, support, prayer, blessings, wisdom and strength. I hope you get
some enjoyment from these "reflections".

God Bless
marty auslander

"By accepting the adventures we are given, we can learn many things:
courage, gratitude, humility and the power of spiritual beliefs. Too
many things get in the way of day to day enjoyment of living until a
person is faced with a  crisis. There is no time to plant a garden,
learn aromatherapy, take the grandchildren on a special vacation or any
of the other things that enrich life. Work and responsibilities come
first in most peoples value system. Money, competition for social status
or the need to satisfy ego are detrimental to a healthy society when
extremes become the norm". Cathy Davis
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