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[MOL] Demanding Respect from The Medical Community

Dear Friends,

I just heard this from a wonderful lady who has taken charge of her
wellness and has much to say about her care and health care. Thought it
might be of some interest to you.

God Bless

 just thought of a major thing you might want to include in the article.
More than any specific symptoms, tell women to TRUST THEMSELVES AND BE
PERSISTENT, NO MATTER THE PROBLEM.  Having been on this list for over 2
years now, I've had it up to *here* (here being the top of Mt. Everest)
with hearing about women who went to doctors for months or years with
problems, were scoffed at, belittled, or sent home, only to find out
laterthat they had ovarian cancer, discovered too late.  It doesn't
matter how attentive to symptoms the woman is if the doctor isn't taking
their concerns seriously.  Don't be bullied, don't let HMOs intimidate
you,demand respect, find a better doctor if you have to, keep a record
of your symptoms, keep a record of your lack of symptoms. Know your
body, what's normal, what's not, be proactive!


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