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[MOL] Cost of Insurance

Cost of treatment can be a problem for people with insurance as well.

Insurance laws vary from State to State.  In some cases women on the

list have had trouble getting certain treatments, including taxol

because they aren't the "official" treatment for ovarian cancer.  A

national health insurance act might have helped some people without

insurance, but we've also seen messages from our friends in Canada and

the UK about them not being able to get some of the drugs that are

available to us.  They go through a national healthy system, which in

some ways appears to me to be as unforgiving as some of our HMO's.

In the meantime, there are some recourses here in the States.  There is

an organization down in Maryland, National Coalition of Cancer

Survivors, that tries to help with insurance issues and they have a

booklet that you can order which explains various ways to get your

insurance to pay for things that they don't want to cover.  So if your

doctor and you feel a course of treatment is worth pursuing, you should

look into it and ask the hospital social worker to help work out the

insurance issue.

I know of a young family where the woman, in her early 30's had a very

agressive form of breast cancer.  There was one experimental treatment

available, and no one wanted to pay for it.  The hospital and doctors

were willing to go along and do it and worry about money afterwards. 

The husband said he didn't care about the money just save his wife's

life. She was treated 4 years ago and is doing fine.  He owes about

400,000 and says he's going to declare "medical bankruptcy".  This is

evidently something available in NY State.  He gets letters from the

hospital and sends them whatever he can, but his wife's alive and well

and raising their two small children.  They may be in debt for the rest

of their lives, but in the over all scheme of things, the money is


Usually the ill person needs someone to advocate for them when it comes

to this sort of thing.  Working your way through the insurance company,

writing letters, etc takes time and energy which you may not have if

you're ill.  That I believe is one of the bigger problems with having to

fight to get the treatment you need.  Again, I think the first place to

go for  this type of help is the Social Services department of the

hospital where you are being treated.

Didn't mean to be so long, but I think the thread is important.

God Bless

marty auslander
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