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[MOL] Good Evening

Dear Les,

The key is to do things for yourself that make you happy and stressfree.

I know that there are many personally and on mol that give you much

advice and you absorb all the info. Look into your inner wisdom to

logically take and do what is good for you. What may be good for some of

us, may not be for you, so I am glad you are getting so much information

to give you options and alternatives, but chose for yourself what is

good for you. Just a suggestion.

take care my friend. I know you are receiving much support. You deserve

the best.

God Bless

marty auslander

Lesnpeg@aol.com wrote:


> Thank you Marty. There is more than truth in what you provide to us all.  At

> 5:36 AM edt it's quite and I can find peace and solitude in the voices I hear

> from everyone's prayers and hugs. Peggy isn't real happy about me being up so

> early.  but my mind won't quit racing with all these thoughts I have about

> everything thats going on.  and with the help of my daughter I will get all

> the good stuff written  written down to
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