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[MOL] Early Detection and Screening Reply to Jean

Dear Jean,

YOu are absolutely right about all these tests. HOwever, my

understanding is that a colonoscopy and a siegmodoscopy should be taken

each year, as should a Pap Smear, Mammogram, PSA and ca-125.  These are

the only tests necessary to detect gynocological and Prostate diseases. 

It is definitely a good preventative and early diagnostic testing

besides a good physical comprehensive exam. I know most wont do this

testing and many physicians won't encourage, but I just heard this on

Oprahs show as well that these tests should be taken for early

detection. Early detection is the key, to higher statistic of cures.

Thanks for your info Jean

God Bless


Thomas A Johnson wrote:


> Marty,

> I didn't catch all of this conversation, but don't forget my case.  My

> doctor wanted me to go for a siegmodoscopy (sp?) at age 42 because I

> appear to be in perimenopause.  Apparently they start doing this test

> when women go through the change.  When I called the office (another

> doctor's office that has the equipment for this), I was told that the

> doctor will want to take to me about whether to get the siemodoscopy or

> the colonosopy, since (1) I'm going through perimenopause, and (2) I have

> some cancer in my family, not to mention that my dad's sister had colon

> cancer.  Another thing to think about is that the colonoscopy (which you

> have to be put out for) reaches further up into the colon than the other

> test.  And you don't have to get re-tested for 8-10 years, whereas you

> have to get the siegmodoscopy every 5 years.


> Correct me if I'm wrong on any of this or if I've misunderstood the

> issue.  I just thought I'd throw in my own 2 cents on this since I'm

> learning  a little about it right now.

> -Jean


> On Thu, 30 Jul 1998 06:33:07 -0700 Martin Auslander

> <fitecancer@earthlink.net> writes:

> >Dear Christine,

> >

> >It is being suggested that colonoscopies be performed yearly after the

> >age of 50 or so as is a Pap Smear or PSA for men and ca-125 for women.

> >Pls send me histology of your disease once again and I can provide

> >more

> >infor for you in many areas for you.

> >
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