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Re: [MOL] Mary

Hi everyone,

Angelo is not doing as well as he normally does after chemo this time.
Very nausiated.  Also he is very emotional, crying a little even, 
which he never does.  Is this normal after chemo?  I have heard that
chemo can make you emotional.  Not that he doesn't have a perfectly
good reason to be even without the chemo.  It just isn't like him.
He's always the one picking up my spirits.  I feel so guilty when I
cry on his shoulder.  I need to be strong for him and our four kids
but sometimes its just too much.  Like when we make love, I bawl my
head off afterwards.  I know that really bothers Angelo but I can't
seem to help myself.  Our relationship is one our of a fairy tale
and it scares the hell out of me to think that I might lose him.

O.K. Lil, I know, I'm on the Pitty Pot again.  Seems like I spend
a lot of time there.  Sorry.  Life is not fair!!

God Bless you all for being here for us.

> Vent away gal!!  I think you are becoming aware that you can learn
> more than a doctor who is apparently unwilling to research and keep an
> open mind...!!  Stay on your toes with them, but I know that you need
> to defer to Angelo's wishes right now....  I praise you for balancing
> both...  God Bless you and we will all pray that the results for him
> are good after chemo... With love, Carla
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