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Re: [MOL] Roll Call....Hey Donna, glad to hear from you.


You have so much insight.  You are correct. I need to stay away from negative
people.  My father hired a photographer to take a family portrait. Just me and
my family.  Then one of he and I.  We went to look at the proofs and he asked
me which one did I think my children would want to keep in their rooms as they
grow older.  Did you get that? Well I did.  I lost it. I love my father and he
loves me.  But it was a disappointment to realize that he does not think I
will beat this thing.   He calls every night.  But now I look at his calls in
a different light.

One thing that was funny.  My sister-in-law became upset and came outside to
sit with me after that thing with my dad happened.  She said she could not
believe how much the photographer charged (big bucks). I said to her, "he's
going to be pretty pissed off in 10 years when i'm still alive and he put out
all that money."  She laughed.

Lillian, good days and bad days....You are correct also about treatment.  I
called Staten Island and they were not able to look at my meds today because
of the backlog.  I can only imagine.  However, I took that as an omen to call
my oncologist and start my treatment next week instead of the following week
as planned. I go in for the markings on Monday.  

I will continue to fight.  I have not given up hope.  I went to my
grandparents grave today and asked my grandfather to do whatever he could to
get me through this. You know, put in a good word and all that.  

I did not go to work today.  I went in yesterday.  I plan to continue to work
during treatment.  I'll take off when necessary.  I know they will be able to
shrink this enough to remove it.  So I'm saving most of my leave for the
operation.  See? I am thinking positive.  I am reading Bernie Siegel's book,
Love, Miracles and Medicine.  It is so good. very inspiring.   

You take care.  I love getting mail from you. Your friend, Donna 
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