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[MOL] Surprise!!!!

I am so excited I can't stand it!!! You will never guess who showed up
at my office today -- Mary Ann and her husband John! They are in
Princeton to see their son Chris, and they stopped by to introduce
themselves. All I can say is that our Mary Ann and her John are
wonderful, and as many of you have said, there is nothing like meeting
another Moler in person -- it's like being with family! 

They brought  a digital camera with them, so of course we got John to
take our picture, and I downloaded it to my computer already, so I just
might be persuaded to send a copy to any of you who would like
one...that is if I can calm down long enough! Our time was too short,
because they had a lunch date with their son and his fiancee (I saw
pictures of her sons, and they are movie-star gorgeous -- and smart,
too!), and I can hardly wait to get together again. I told them they
just have to come to Princeton more often! So I gave them each a hug for
all of you, and let you know they send their love and best wishes...What
a great day! Hope you're all having a good one as well. love, Joicy
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