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Re: [MOL] Roll Call....Hey Donna, glad to hear from you.

Our Dear Donna:  Ofcourse we will pray that Debbie's tests comes out all right
and hope to get an update on her and how she is doing.  It is good that the two of
you are communicating and supporting each other.
Donna, there is nothing wrong with tear's, it's what gives people the strength to
carry on.  I am glad you spent 3 days at the beach; but I must warn you about
toxic relationships.  It is very important for right now and even after everything
that you and those who surround you remain positive.  This is not false hope, this
is giving your body the reason to fight cancer.  Stress which can be lack of hope
causes the bodies immunity to go down and girlfriend that's the last thing we need
right now.  Pls. trust me on this.  Their isn't a moler on this line that does not
care what is going on with each and every one of the molers.  Even those who
remain silent root for all of us.  Have you been to the album on line that Ross is
putting together?  Have you and Debbie sent him your pictures?  Donna, under the
circumstances with the flu like symptoms and the shoulder pain, why don't you give
your doctor a call and see if he will want to see you and perhaps start your
treatments earlier.  I can read that you have lost some of your fight and you need
to focus on this.  I will fight, I will win the fight.  At the same time do all
the little things that you know you should have done a long time ago and make sure
some of these things you do are Donna things, what ever you enjoy doing, it could
be reading a book, it could be going to a zoo, what ever your bag is friend.  Most
of all, pls. pls. know that we are all here for you and love you and are willing
to do what it takes through your cancering journey.  Love ya, Go after the gold
ring on the merry go round tiger! Lilllian wrote:

> Lillian,
> You are the sweetest lady! I went to the beach over the weekend.  I was only
> going to stay 1 day and ended up staying 3. It was bittersweet.  A lot of my
> family members were there.  I would catch them crying from time to time.  They
> cry more than I do!
> This has not been a good week.  Tuesday and Wednesday I had flu like
> symptoms......Today my right shoulder is bothering me.  I am not due to start
> treatment until the 10th.  I am wondering if I should have started this week
> like they suggested.  I just got some photo albums. And I have spent the
> morning putting together an album for each of my children.  I know I will live
> to be 100 however, this is something that I should have done even before the
> cancer came along.
> Ggod days. Bad days.....
> Please say a prayer for Debbie (fellow moler).  She has an oncologist
> appointment today and is anxious for news.  I pray and meditate that it will
> be good news.
> Thank you for for genuine concern.....It's good to have people watching out
> for you.
> Your friend,
> Donna
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