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[MOL] Dad's Gene therapy.....

Hi all,

Dad is now starting his second treatment of Gene therapy and so far it is
still to soon to tell if it is helping.  Dad says he still feels the same as
he did before he started it.  I guess there was a slight problem the first
couple days when they were administering the gene to the tumor area.  They
found a kink in the hose 2 days later and re-administered the genes again so
he had to stay in New Orleans 2 days longer.  They wanted to make sure he got
a full dose of the treatment.  Dad says he is feeling no side effects at all
and only stays in the hospital the first night then he is treated as an

The clinical trial should be compete by the end of Aug.  and if dad finds out
it didn't help him he is seriously thinking of going into the Onconase
clinical trial but Onconase does have some side effects so dad has been
reading a lot about Photodynamic therapy too.

I have been talking with a man from New York who's wife has mesothelioma also
and is going to do the photodynamic therapy.  He said he will keep me informed
on her progress.

God bless you all and take care,
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