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Re: [MOL] Oncologist (Mary)

Obviously this doctor has not been keeping up with the latest research and it
sounds to me like she doesn't like the idea of her patients knowing more then
her.  That's not very encouraging.  My fathers Onc. encouraged him to search
for other forms of treatment (clinical trials) that he felt comfortable with
and he was glad that my dad did.  Since the Onc. couldn't really do anything
but chemo.  

I also have a whole file on PDT(photodynamic therapy) and it is all off the
Internet and written by doctors.  So I guess she needs to do some more
research and try to help her patients and not discourage them.

Is there any way your husband can get a different Oncologist?  I would feel so
much better with a doctor with a more positive attitude.

God bless,
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