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Re: [MOL] Roll Call....


You are the sweetest lady! I went to the beach over the weekend.  I was only
going to stay 1 day and ended up staying 3. It was bittersweet.  A lot of my
family members were there.  I would catch them crying from time to time.  They
cry more than I do!   

This has not been a good week.  Tuesday and Wednesday I had flu like
symptoms......Today my right shoulder is bothering me.  I am not due to start
treatment until the 10th.  I am wondering if I should have started this week
like they suggested.  I just got some photo albums. And I have spent the
morning putting together an album for each of my children.  I know I will live
to be 100 however, this is something that I should have done even before the
cancer came along. 

Ggod days. Bad days.....

Please say a prayer for Debbie (fellow moler).  She has an oncologist
appointment today and is anxious for news.  I pray and meditate that it will
be good news. 

Thank you for for genuine concern.....It's good to have people watching out
for you.

Your friend,

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