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Re: [MOL] Web Sites for Gynoclological Diseases

Ok, you're talking about reoccurrence, as opposed to a possible second
primary. I was just saying that 3 of my docs have said that those who
have had breast cancer are at a much higher risk for colon cancer. And
of course Tamoxifen puts women at higher risk for endometrial cancer. I
don't know if the risks for ovarian or cervical cancer are increased,
but I would be interested in knowing...  Love, Joicy

lillian jennings wrote:
> The question being:  I thought the route that breast cancer takes if it mets. is:
> bi-lateral, or to the lung, or to the bone and then last the brain.  I have not heard
> of it going to the colon; but then, I am not always right; so I was seeking an
> answer.Thanks, Lillian
> Joicy Becker-Richards wrote:
> > Lillian, I'm not sure I understand your question; can you explain?
> >
> > lillian jennings wrote:
> > >
> > > Now, I could be wrong, it's been known to happen!; but I though breast cancer's
> > > routes were bi-lateral, lung, bone and brain.  Ok, who wan't to challange me on
> > > this one, we need the right answer.  Thanks, Lillian
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