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[MOL] Roll Call....

There are a few people we have not heard from this past week and old
mother hen has to stay on her roost till they report in....and my   is
getting sore!
Allison, Betsy, Beth, Bill, Carl, Charlotte, Cheryl Ann, Christine W.,
Cindy H., Cincy C., Cynthia F. Debra, Donna, Elmo, Eloise, Gail, Gina,
Joan Z., Joan R., Mary Ann, Joyce W., Liz G., Lisa, Mary L., R. Martin,
Paula A. , Pam M., Sherry, Taylor, Terrance, Marianne R., William W.,
and William H.  Where are you folks; but most important, how are you
doing?  We miss you and hope that you will pop in and say hello and give
us an update.  Your Friend on the MOL Forum.


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