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Re: [MOL] Web Sites for Gynoclological Diseases

You're too funny. Christine! but just remember that getting tests and
catching things quick sure beats the alternative! love, Joicy

Christine wrote:
> I had a pap test showing atypical cells a year ago Feb. I had another test
> in November which showed normal so you don't know what to believe. I have
> had 1 ultrasound this year. I also had endometriosis in the past so I think
> I should probably set something up with the dr. I don't know all the
> details of a colonoscopy but I think I will pass. LOL. I won't even let the
> dr. do a rectal. Are we getting too graphic:-) Thanks for the info.
> Christine
> At 06:59 PM 29/07/98 -0400, you wrote:
> >Christine, I am on Tamoxifen also, and you need to get in touch with you
> >gynecologist if you haven't already (my onc forgot to tell me; luckily I
> >took the initiative). In addition to pap tests, you should get an
> >ultrasound each year. Through this they are able to monitor the
> >endometrial lining, and I've been told that they can catch endometrial
> >cancer early and with very good success. (I've already had to have a D &
> >C due to thickening caused by tamoxifen, but my most recent tests looked
> >very good.) I believe paps are used to check for cervical cancer, and
> >again there is a very high cure rate. However, the paps sometimes show
> >false positives, which can be nerve-wracking. My last pap test was
> >supposedly showing atypical cells, but a follow-up indicates no problem
> >after all.
> >
> >You can get more info at:
> >
> >
> >One other cancer we who have had breast cancer have a higher risk for is
> >colon cancer. (In fact, I'm due for a colonoscopy soon. Oh boy!)
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