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[MOL] Carla, stop the presses!

Hi Carla,
Well, I guess I'm in a pickle now.  I told Tom I sent you the photos to
put up on the MOL-Cancer site and he said (very nicely) that he really
doesn't want his picture or any of the kids out on the internet like
that.  So-o-o, I guess you'll be the only one who gets to see them. 
Maybe if you ooh and aah enough over them on MOL-Cancer you can convince
everyone that I really *do* have a beautiful family. :-)  But I guess
you'll have to send the photos back to me.  Sorry to make you go to all
this trouble, but...  Tom's probably right that it isn't wise to put too
much info. up.  He said that he especially wouldn't want the wrong type
of person to see it and use it.  And maybe he's right.  So maybe I'll
just make it a complete family decision and ask you to not put my photo
up either.  But all of the rest of you look *great*!! :-)

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