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Re: [MOL] Web Sites for Gynoclological Diseases

Christine, I am on Tamoxifen also, and you need to get in touch with you
gynecologist if you haven't already (my onc forgot to tell me; luckily I
took the initiative). In addition to pap tests, you should get an
ultrasound each year. Through this they are able to monitor the
endometrial lining, and I've been told that they can catch endometrial
cancer early and with very good success. (I've already had to have a D &
C due to thickening caused by tamoxifen, but my most recent tests looked
very good.) I believe paps are used to check for cervical cancer, and
again there is a very high cure rate. However, the paps sometimes show
false positives, which can be nerve-wracking. My last pap test was
supposedly showing atypical cells, but a follow-up indicates no problem
after all.

You can get more info at:

One other cancer we who have had breast cancer have a higher risk for is
colon cancer. (In fact, I'm due for a colonoscopy soon. Oh boy!)

Hope this is helpful. Love, Joicy

Christine wrote:
> I have my regular pap tests but what does that really detect? Do you know
> how ovarian, uterine or endometrial cancer is detected? My mom had uterine
> cancer and with me taking tamoxifen, I am concerned with endometrial cancer.
> Christine
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