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[MOL] Guardian ad litem's

Hey Girlfriend,
That's an awful thing to happen to children.  In Oregon I think the
opposite is true.  People are afraid to call in on abusive parents.  Some
do but then our services called, SCF, has to find something wrong.  They
take no ones word for it.  Thank God.  Vendictive people are everywhere. 
There has to be real trouble before SCF even takes it on as a case.  A CASA
isn't even assigned until things settle down a little.  I haven't seen any
abuse of power here and they do rule on the mothers side often.  Just as
long as children are being helped, I'm all for it.  As far as hoops, we all
believe in setting goals that mothers or parents can follow.  You fix the
problem that brought them to court and if they are working positively
towards their goal, children are back with them as soon as possible or
better yet, the children never leave the parent while the parent gets the
help they need.  
I'm off to work for awhile.....take good care my friend and feel good.
Love Vicci
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