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[MOL] Thank you My Friend

Dear John,

YOu are truly an angel. Thank you. I am certain lynette and Les will be

greatly appreciative and greatly receptive. YOu are one heck of a

Brother. Take care adn God Bless


John wrote:


> Dear Lynette and Les,


> Thanks so much for the up date on your Dad.  Please tell Les that I will

> be sending off little good morning notes to him and, please Lynette,

> don't feel that you have to respond to each one...I know how much you are

> doing and I'm sure that your Dad loves and appreciates every bit of it.

> Les, you hang in there...you have come this far and I know that God has a

> reason for putting these challanges before you...I also know that you

> could do with a few less challanges!! LOL


> Les, I pray for you every day and hope that you have the strength to

> remember that each day is a gift...no matter how tough that day may seem,

> it is still another opportunity to tell all those great children of yours

> that you love them.  I'll keep bugging you and I know you will not mind

> because you are a fighter...I proud of you my friend.


> Love you and God Bless.

> John


> Lesnpeg@aol.com wrote:

> >

> > John,

> >

> > Thank you so much..I read your note to Les....it is always so nice to know

> > that there is so many supportive people out there..Unfortunetly we have not

> > seen any improvement, infact he seems to be getting worse......He is currently

> > seeing the radiologist for the remainder of this week for a 10 day series of

> > radiation treatment...and will meet with his oncologist on Friday again...the

> > decadron that he is currently taking does not seem to improve anything...but

> > we will see...its hard to keep up with everything when you are in such a

> > whirlwind....but the MOL group is very important to my father...and I would do

> > anything for him....I will keep you and everyone posted when I

> > can....Hopefully I can convince dad to sit next to me while I type and he can

> > send messages out....

> >

> > Thanks again and God Bless

> >

> > Lynette

> >
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