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[MOL] Give Nancy a Hug for Us, Pls

Dear Sheila,

Pls give that lady a big hug for us, from Marty and Barb and while you

are at it, we are giving you one as well. Take care dear lady, you have 

both been inspiration to us and very courageous friends. God Bless

marty and Barb

John & Sheila Lloyd wrote:


> > Hello Everyone,


> Just thought you would like to know, that I get to meet Nancy either tonight or

> tomorrow.  She is here in Norman, and I was able to talk on the phone to her.  I

> am very excited to get to meet one of my MOL buds.  I am going to get one of the

> T-shirts, and I sure hope Montel or someone comes through.  I would love to meet

> more of you guys,  but right now am very happy I will be able to meet Nancy.  I

> will let you all know how it goes.  Though I am sure it will be wonderful.


> Sheila


> >
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