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Re: [MOL] A Meeting

Sheila, I'm so jealous of you 2 -- huga to both of you, and we want to
hear all about it!! Love, joicy

John & Sheila Lloyd wrote:
> > Hello Everyone,
> Just thought you would like to know, that I get to meet Nancy either tonight or
> tomorrow.  She is here in Norman, and I was able to talk on the phone to her.  I
> am very excited to get to meet one of my MOL buds.  I am going to get one of the
> T-shirts, and I sure hope Montel or someone comes through.  I would love to meet
> more of you guys,  but right now am very happy I will be able to meet Nancy.  I
> will let you all know how it goes.  Though I am sure it will be wonderful.
> Sheila
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