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Re: [MOL] "thoughts for today"

Ross, buddy, you're not getting off the hook that easy!!! Smiling is a
choice like everything else! I am one of those people who smile at
everyone I meet, or at least try to, because I know how radically it
changes my day when someone smiles at me. It doesn't come natural,
exactly, but it's free, and can make a difference, so knowing that, how
can I in good conscience withhold it?
(Besides, it really does feel good!) When I first studied acting, I was
taught that if you act it on the outside, eventually you feel it on the
inside, so the trick is to "act as if." This trick applies to lots of
life, so get busy -- I expect a very big smile when I see you! Love,

Ross Ylitalo wrote:
> I liked that Jo.
> This morning, when leaving from my Dr. Visit, a girl behind one of
> the counters gave me a pretty smile, and I thought to myself,
> "I wish I could do that."  It made me feel good (never mind that she
> was pretty girl.)  I thought too, how it doesn't come naturally for
> me to smile at strangers, but I wished it did.
> Once, a few years ago, I was walking on campus here, and I chanced
> to cross paths with a beautiful black girl who naturally gave me a
> stunning smile.  My impulse was to stop her and thank her.  Her smile
> was so free and uplifting.  I didn't, but I wish I did--people who can
> smile
> are gifts to the rest of us.
> Ross
> Thanks for the smile, Jo!  Don't ever let us grouches infringe on your
> nature!
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