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Re: [MOL] MOL Photo Album Update!!!

I'm glad you all can't see me now. I am three shades of red. (yes, I still
I'll have to get a "glamour" shot now to replace my picture with. Really,
that was just the photograph that came with the picture frame. No really,
it is a few years old. Alison is 11 now and almost as tall as me but, of
course, I still look the same. Thanks Ross.

At 01:05 AM 28/07/98 -0400, you wrote:
>    Hear Ye, Hear Ye!   We have a new entry in the MOL Photo Album, and  it
>is so beautiful that I just have to call your  attention to it!   Quickly,
>While You Still Have The Chance, and  While Admission Is STILL FREE, cruise
>on over to:  
>And see our own Christine White and her adorable  children! Its such a
>beautiful picture, the Photo Album just went up  in   I guarantee your
>smile will stretch  to your dimples when you see this happy bunch!!!  
>Love,   Ross   (p.s., thanks so much for the beautiful contribution 

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