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Re: [MOL] MOL Photo Album Update!!!

Just as I thought, she's young (infact I could not find her at first, I thought she was one of the children), pretty, slender, oh hell lets just lock her up and throw the key away!  Christine, what a beautiful family you have, God bless, your friend, Lillian

Ross Ylitalo wrote:

 Hear Ye, Hear Ye! We have a new entry in the MOL Photo Album, and it isso beautiful that I just have to call your attention to it! Quickly, While You Still Have The Chance, and While AdmissionIs STILL FREE, cruise on over to: And see our own Christine White and her adorable children!Its such a beautiful picture, the Photo Album just went up invalue by about 100%!  I guarantee your smile will stretch toyour dimples when you see this happy bunch!!! Love, Ross (p.s., thanks so much for the beautiful contribution Christine!)