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[MOL] thank you Mary

DEar Mary,

Mary Furfaro <furfaro@hometel.com>

Yes I have heard of Photofrin. Like many new therapies and procedures,

such as cryotherapy, gene therapy, inhibitors, vaccine therapy and

immune therapy, they all are becoming more and more comprehensive and

successful. It gives us all great hope that these new procedures are

coming to fruition. Thank you Mary.

God Bless

marty auslander

Mary Furfaro wrote:


> Martin Auslander wrote:

> >

> Dear Marty,


> Have you heard of a procedure called Photodynamic Therapy or PDT?

> There is a Cancer Center in Oklahoma where they do this procedure.

> They shoot a drug called Photofrin into the bloodstream which causes

> the tissue to become highly light sensitive.  Within 24 hours the

> drug begins to dissipate from healthy tissue but remains concentrated

> in cancerous cells.  40 to 50 hours after injection the physician

> focuses a light beam from a fiber-optic cable directly onto the tumor,

> either from outside the body or within the body using a scope.  The

> light emitted by the lasar triggers a chemical reaction that attacks

> the tumor, causing cancerous cell to DIE!!!  I have an 800 number

> that I am going to call in the morning to get more information. In

> case anyone else is interested the number is 800-788-8485.


> I also recieved copies of Angelo's CT Scan and x-ray from his oncologist

> to mail to Dr. Lederman.  I will mail them off tomorrow.  I wish we

> could join you guys in New York.  Who knows maybe Dr. Lederman will

> want to see us around that time.


> God Bless,

> Mary


> > Good Morning My Friends,

> >

> > Thought you would like to know. Besides the new radiation device of

> > stereotactic radiosurgery being successfully utilized by Dr. Gil

> > Lederman, there is a new and similar technique being utilized in

> > California at UCI (University of California Irvine).

> >

> > "Radiation therapy has taken quantum leap with implementation of the

> > Intensity Modulated Radiation  Therapy (IMRT), or PEACOCK System, at UCI

> > Medical Center-the only location in CAlifornia and one of just 14

> > facilities nationwide to be clinically employing this technology.

> >

> > Approved by the FDA in 1996, the PEACOCK, System has been used in over

> > 500 cases involving head, neck, brain, paraspinal, thoracic, lung,

> > extremity or prostate tumors.

> >

> > "tumors close to organs and nerves are especially difficult to trreat,

> > "says Nilam Ramsinghani, MD, director of Radiation Oncology. PEACOCK,

> > precision allows us to conform the radiation regardless of the tumors

> > size, shape or location. Because of the precision, patients cn receive

> > more than the maximum allowable dose of conventional radiation

> > therapy-even at multiple sites."

> >

> > HOpe this benefits those that are seeking body, brain, lung tumor

> > recovery.

> >

> > God Bless

> > marty auslander

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